Professional dental surgery

We offer our clients the whole range of dental surgery procedures. Our surgeons are qualified specialists who constantly expand their knowledge and improve their skills. In our Clinic we perform such treatments as tooth extraction, root apex resection, cyst removal, hemisection, frenectomy, and implantological surgical procedures. We guarantee full professionalism and satisfaction. You are always welcome to use our assistance.

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Professional Team

Our team consists of highly qualified experts who are passionate about their work. Our dentists continuously develop their professional skills by participating in diverse trainings in Poland and abroad. They believe in approaching each patient individually in order to ensure the most appropriate solution to their problems, and let them enjoy healthy and beautiful smile.

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Satisfied patients

Satisfied patients are our greatest praise, so we take all efforts in order to meet requirements of the most demanding clients. It is a pleasure to see our patients enjoy their healthy and captivating smile. We are able to guarantee effectiveness and top quality treatment due to the state of the art facility and the carefully selected team of experts.

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Wide range of dental services

In addition to the basic dental care procedures associated with treatment of teeth diseases, we offer an extensive range of services, including such areas as aesthetic dentistry, implantology, prosthodontics, and orthodontics. Our dentists are competent experts in their fields, and they assist patients in the choice of the best way to having healthy and radiant smile. Our offer is directed to children, too.

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Dental surgery

Aesthetic dentistry

Pediatric dentistry


Dent-Lux Clinic was established in Legionowo in October 1998 with a view to meeting requirements of the most demanding patients who expect high quality services combined with warm atmosphere. Our Clinic comprises four dental offices and an X-ray laboratory with the latest diagnostic equipment.   

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Our patients

We put smile of our clients first and we are happy to see them satisfied with our services.

We take all efforts to make each patient pleased with the work of our team which shows in a smile presenting healthy and beautiful teeth.

  • Mom of Małgosia

    I would like to recommend the practice of dr Ratyński. My 17-year-old daughter had a huge problem with occlusion. We were searching for help in other dental clinics, unfortunately, in vain. Dr Ratyński's practice was suggested to us by a school friend who had just had her braces taken off. She was very happy with the results of the treatment. Our treatment took about 2 years, but it was worth waiting. We are very grateful and we remain in best regards to the super-friendly team of Dent-lux.

  • Mariusz Pogorzelski

    I have been a patient of Dr Popławski for a few years now. He is responsible for placing a couple of  implants and for all prosthetic treatment I have received. Investing in myself was the best business I could do. Now, I enjoy the sense of comfort and I can recommend it to everyone.

  • Aneta Kucińska

    Dent-lux is a company which did not let me down. My friend recommended it to me as a great clinic in Legionowo. I have been living here for three years and I was looking for a good dentist for my whole family. I am very pleased with the services they provide. Their dentists are solid, professional, caring about the comfort of a patient and know what they are doing.

  • Justyna from Radom

    Dr Dąbrowski saved my tooth from extraction. The treatment took a few visits and it wasn’t cheep, but it definitely was effective. Today, I can enjoy the full set of my natural teeth.

  • Aneta Kucińska

    Dent Lux to firma na której się nie zawiodłam. Kolega polecił mi ją jako super stomatologię w Legionowie. Od 3 lat tutaj  mieszkam i szukałam dobrego dentysty dla całej rodziny. Jestem bardzo zadowolona z usług tej firmy. Lekarze konkretni, profesjonalni, dbający o komfort pacjenta i pewni w swoich działaniach.

  • Mariusz Pogorzelski

    Jestem od kilku lat pacjentem dr Popławskiego, który wszczepił mi kilka implantów, a potem zrobił protetykę. To była najlepsza moja inwestycja w siebie. Czuję się komfortowo, polecam.

  • Mama Małgosi

    Gorąco polecam dr Ratyńskiego. Moja 17 letnia córka miała ogromny problem ze zgryzem. Szukaliśmy pomocy w innym gabinecie, ale niestety bez efektu. Tego lekarza poleciła koleżanka ze szkoły, która właśnie miała zdjęty aparat ortodontyczny. Była bardzo zadowolona z efektów leczenia. Leczenie trwało ok. 2 lat, ale warto było. Jesteśmy wdzięczni i pozdrawiamy przemiłą załogę Dent-lux.

  • Justyna z Radomia

    Dr Dąbrowski uratował mi ząb przed usunięciem. Leczenie zajęło kilka wizyt, nie było tanie ale z pewnością skuteczne. Dziś mogę cieszyć się pełnym uzębieniem.

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