Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the basic branch of dentistry which is focused mostly on treating dental caries. Dental caries is the most common problem we go to a dentist with. But conservative treatment is also applied to emergency interventions, usually upon the occurrence of external trauma to the teeth which results in dental injury, such as tooth chipping or breaking.

What is dental caries?

Dental caries is a bacterial disease which leads to teeth decay. Due to the extensive amount of dental plaque, bacteria destroy enamel and dentine. At the initial stage of caries, a dark spot appears on a tooth, and without appropriate treatment it may turn into a carious cavity. If we neglect regular check-up appointments at dental clinic and fail to deliver proper care of oral cavity, caries my further develop and lead to permanent destruction or loss of a tooth. Not only bacteria may cause dental caries, but also the extensive amount of consumed sugars, improper care of the oral cavity, as well as teeth’s susceptibility to decay.

Effective and painless preventive treatment

It is important for patients that their doctors who practice conservative dentistry use the most advanced diagnostic methods, and that the prescribed treatment is effective and painless. The team of Savoy Dent Clinic in Legionowo comprises only qualified specialists who offer a wide range of procedures relating to teeth treatment. Cavity fillings we offer are not only durable, but also aesthetic, as we use only the best materials which can be well-adjusted to the natural shade of patient’s teeth.

Patients who choose to entrust their dental problems to us may be sure to experience full commitment and professionalism of our staff. We recommend coming for preventive check-ups at least twice a year, and we would be happy to offer our services relating to carious cavities treatment. We provide a comprehensive range of dental services, proven and recognized therapeutic methods, and advanced diagnostic techniques. In case of an emergency, such as tooth chipping or breaking, we are of an immediate assistance, even without previous appointment.

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