Dental surgery

Some minor surgical procedures are required at times to make sure our teeth last a long time. This is what dental surgery serves for.

When do we need the assistance of a dental surgeon?

Dental treatment usually means filling cavities which appeared as a result of dental caries. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform certain surgical procedures in the oral cavity so that the treatment is effective. It often happens when tooth extraction is prescribed, especially in the case of wisdom teeth, and when the oral cavity is being prepared for prosthetic or orthodontic treatment. Dental surgeon also conducts such procedures as root resection, removal of a cyst, or incision of abscesses. The scope of treatment is determined by individual needs of a patient.

Dent-Lux Clinic cooperates with top experts in order to ensure that each prescribed treatment is truly satisfactory. Dental surgery procedures require enormous precision and practical knowledge of the most advanced surgical techniques.

Course of surgical treatment

All surgical procedures within oral cavity are preceded by a thorough examination, collection of patient’s medical history, and consultations with other dental specialists, if necessary. Then, the patient is prepared for the surgery which is always performed under anesthesia. Certain procedures require application of general anesthesia in patient. The anesthetic method is chosen in consultation with the patient and after providing him with full overview of the situation. After the surgery is completed, the whole oral cavity is being checked regularly so that the healing process is shortest and least inconvenient to the patient.

Our patients may count on specialist advice of our dentists at all times and whenever there are doubts concerning the treatment. In order to ensure the best possible care, our doctors will examine the dressing at any time, even if the patient did not have an appointment.

Dental surgery is applied in numerous situations, especially those relating to the preparation of the oral cavity to further specialist treatment.

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