Even though a few years ago tooth braces were young people’s worst nightmare, now the increasing number of people decides on orthodontic solutions in order to straighten their teeth.

Orthodontic treatment

Many dream to show straight and white teeth in a winning smile, but not a lot of people are born with such. This is why orthodontic treatment is worth considering if we want to help mother nature. What is more, many believe that orthodontics is designed to meet our aesthetic requirements, but the truth is that healthy occlusion affects the hygiene of oral cavity and pronunciation manner. Occlusal abnormalities may be the source of problems with articulation of certain units of speech. Orthodontic treatment may be commenced at any age of a patient, although we mostly encounter young people wearing braces.

Treatment stages

At the beginning of the orthodontic treatment, the dentist carries out various examinations of the oral cavity condition and prepares suggested diagnostic materials, including patient’s dentition model. Then, the treatment plan is discussed with the patient. At this point, the cost of therapy is estimated and the type of orthodontic braces are decided on. If at the diagnostic stage the dentist finds some untreated cavities, then before the procedure is commenced, the patient is to have all cavities filled, tartar removed, and all periodontal diseases treated.

Finally, the dentist applies orthodontic braces on patient’s teeth and teaches the proper dental maintenance and care in order to ensure that the treatment brings the desired effect. Patients usually wear orthodontic braces for about two years and during that time they come for regular check-up visits when the dentist examines and possibly adjusts the braces. When the orthodontic braces are removed, the patient comes for the final check-up and possibly has a retention appliances placed, if such are prescribed.

While with braces, it is crucial to ensure appropriate and frequent care of the dental cavity, as food remains may accumulate in the braces. Each patient is given a detailed instruction of how to maintain the hygiene of the oral cavity, so that the treatment brings best possible results.

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