Pediatric dentistry

Many of us, as children, would try to avoid dentist’s chair at any cost, as dentist appointment meant pain and unpleasant drilling. But our young patients have nothing to be afraid of. In our Clinic, it is paramount that we treat each patient, even the youngest one, individually to reduce the level of stress and ensure comfort of each visit.

Adaptive visits

Each child should be provided with regular dental care. Common belief that deciduous, fist teeth may be left untreated is a myth, as their condition later influences the state of permanent teeth and occlusion. In our Clinic, we are happy to meet little patients for adaptive visits, when the child gets familiarized with dentist’s office and work, and also with the principles of proper teeth care. Due to the fact that children have contact with a dentist from their early years, they do not fear the unknown during the following visits. Preventive check-ups performed twice a year at the very least allow for the quick detection of dental problems which leads to the effective treatment of cavities when they are still minor. This is crucial in the case of little patients, as thanks to early diagnosis, we can avoid keeping a child for a long time in the dentist chair – which for some children is impossible to do.

System of rewards

We do our best to ensure care and attention to children who visit our dental clinic by trying to lead each visit in warm and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the reward each child gets after the visit, we try to implement positive motivation to dental care. We aim not only at keeping the dentition of out little patients healthy, but also at making sure that visiting a dentist does not convert into a negative experience in child’s mind.

Colorful fillings

We use colorful fillings in treatment of cavities in first teeth of our young patients, which often encourages them to visit our Clinic again and again. As a result, children’s teeth are healthy and children themselves are happy to come to the next appointment. Preventive care of first teeth is crucial, and we are proud to say that our little patients came to follow-up visits regularly and without fear.

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