When you see blood while brushing your teeth, you may suspect that these are the first symptoms of periodontosis, which is one of periodontal diseases. Nowadays periodontal diseases affect many people and their consequences shall not be underestimated.


Periodontosis, whose symptoms usually include bleeding while brushing teeth, bad breath, and the occurrence of loose teeth, is one of the most common periodontal diseases. That is why upon noticing even one of the above mentioned problems, it is recommended to make an appointment at Savoy Dent Clinic for diagnostic examination. Treatment of periodontal and gum diseases is essential to keeping teeth in their right positions. Periodontisis or periodontal inflammation is often accompanied with gingival recession, the exposure of teeth roots. Ensuring appropriate care of the oral cavity, as well as regular tartar removal is extremely important in periodontosis treatment, as bacteria present in the tartar may cause inflammation.

In Savoy Dent Clinic, we offer the removal of dental deposit by means of ultrasound technology. In the case of a more advanced periodontosis or the occurrence of other gingival and periodontal diseases, we provide a comprehensive, specialist medical care. If there is a need for periodontal surgery application, we collaborate with the top experts in that field.
Preventive care is crucial in treating gingival and periodontal diseases, and our dentists conduct an informative training to ensure such a care. Sometimes patients may not be aware of the fact that their problem stems from the hygienic negligence. Surgical treatment is the ultimate solution when it comes to periodontology, as most of the abnormal changes are curable with the correct hygienic care of the oral cavity. Combined efforts of the dentist and the patient will result in lack of periodontal problems and a lasting, beautiful smile.

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