Preventive care

Preventive care Many people turn to dental treatment only when problems occur, whereas it is important to ensure preventive dental care, meaning procedures which protect and secure the teeth at all times.

Visit a dentist every 6 months

Regular dental check-ups should be done at least two times a year in order to treat all cavities when they are still minor. This approach helps us solve the problem when it is still in its initial phase and allows us to fight caries before it spreads. In addition to frequent check-ups, certain preventive procedures, such as scaling, sand-blast cleaning or fluoride treatment, should be applied. These procedures protect the teeth from the recurrence of dental diseases. We also recommend asking the dentist to instruct us on how to keep a proper care of oral cavity hygiene.

Scaling and sand-blast cleaning

Scaling is a procedure which allows for thorough cleansing of teeth from dental tartar by means of ultrasound devices which generate vibrations. Vibrations cause the tartar to crack and the tooth remains clean. It is suggested to undergo this procedure twice a year. Sand-blast cleaning is a method of removal of dental tartar remains by polishing the tooth. Proper combination of the two methods results in the most spectacular effect.

Tooth sealing and varnishing

Tooth sealing is used to protect molar and premolar teeth by putting a layer of a specialist medical formulation in teeth pits and fissures. As a result, they remain clean from the deposition of food particles. Fluoride treatment, or tooth varnishing, allows for the strengthening of enamel by laying a specialist fluoride-based varnish on patient’s teeth. The varnish gradually releases fluorine which minimizes the risk of caries up to 40 per cent.

The basis of preventive dental care is the regular hygiene practice at home. Many people forget about the fact that they should change their toothbrushes often. When a toothbrush displays first signs of wear and tear, we should replace it with a new one. An average Polish uses only two or three toothbrushes per year, and these should be changed more frequently. Maintenance of the proper hygiene of your oral cavity might be complemented with dental treatment we offer in Savoy Dent Clinic.

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