Prosthetic solutions make it possible for us to enjoy our smile, even if some of our teeth are missing or were damaged as a result of an injury.

What does prosthodontics do?

Prosthodontics aims at the restoration of dentition after loss of natural teeth or when these are damaged, e.g. as a result of a trauma. Patients who decide on prosthetic solutions may choose from a variety of restorations, both permanent such as crowns and bridges, and removable such as acrylic dentures or cast partials. Thanks to the advances of prosthodontics, our dentition may look perfect at all times and lack of some natural teeth is undetectable. Prosthodontics has also a functional effect as, due to the restoration of full occlusion, all teeth functions, such e.g. as chewing, are kept.

Loss of even one tooth results in changes in the remaining dentition, as other teeth may move or tilt in the dental arch. What is more, dental roots are uncovered which may cause hypersensitivity to warmth or cold, as well as the appearance of losses in cervical tooth structures.

Prosthodontic solutions

Although every human being is equipped with a set of teeth, it is important to remember that dentition structure is very individual and may be determined by numerous factors. Our specialists approach each patient individually by collecting their dental history and prescribing a very thorough diagnostic radiology. As a result, we can offer the most suitable solutions and comprehensive treatment plan to each patient. Dentures are created in collaboration with the most recognized and valued prosthetic laboratories, which guarantees their quality and reliability. Our dentures are aesthetic and durable, and the range of their types will meet expectations of every patient.

Prosthetic dentures are usually associated with elderly persons, but often and for different reasons young people decide to use various prosthetic solutions to enjoy smart, beautiful smile.

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