Teeth whitening

An attractive, snow-white smile of a Hollywood star is what every women and most men want. Although there are cases where reaching that smile requires numerous dental procedures, it is often enough to whiten the teeth to let the patient enjoy the stunning effect.

Smile a big smile!

Having white, shiny teeth makes us want to smile more. Beautiful teeth make us feel more self-confident, and people we encounter tent to see us in more positive light. But if mother nature was not gracious enough to give us naturally white teeth, we can reach for help and have teeth whitened in the dentist’s chair.

Our Clinic offers an American office whitening Beyond system for that. It is an effective and safe whitening method. Before the procedure, the dentist conducts an interview with the patient in order to determine the desired teeth color. He also examines patient’s dentition and assesses the condition of teeth enamel. Preparation for teeth whitening also includes filling all cavities.

The course of the procedure

When the dentist decides that patient’s dentition is well-prepared for the whitening with the Beyond method, he performs the procedure, which takes about 60 minutes. At first, a specialist gel is applied on teeth, and next, it is activated by means of a special lamp – Beyond accelerator. This process is repeated three times. After the treatment is completed, the patient receives instructions on how to care for the teeth to maintain the whitening result. First and foremost, it is recommended to stick to the so-called ‘white diet’, which means restraining from any food which can color the teeth. It is usually prescribed to keep this diet for 48 hours following the procedure, but many dentists suggest eliminating coloring foods, or at least reducing their amount to minimum, for even a week.

Adhering to the recommendations of the dentist allows patients to enjoy their new snow-white smile for a long time. Patients are also given specialist toothpaste which helps keeping teeth white longer.
Teeth whitening is a simple, and relatively quick way to get a beautiful smile. Contrary to the other methods, the effect of the Beyond system treatment is visible after an hour long procedure.

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