Tooth implants

Currently, dentists attempt to keep patients’ natural teeth as long as possible, as properly treated and cared for dentition lasts for a long time. If a tooth cannot be treated and has to be removed, an implant may serve as its replacement.
When are teeth implants recommended?

Implantology is a fast-advancing field of dentistry. More and more people are paying attention to the visual aspect of their dentition, and if for some reason a tooth is missing, implantology offers solutions. Tooth implant is placed in order to fill the dentition defects resulting from tooth extraction or injury. They may be also used to attach a denture, which eliminates the necessity of placing more implants. Usually two are enough in such a situation.

Implant-based treatment

Implant-based treatment is a time-consuming process which requires the assistance of a committed and experienced dentist, as well as patience of a patient. In our Clinic, we cooperate with highly qualified doctors who specialize in implantology. In the first stage of the treatment, the dentist inserts a dental implant, an artificial root, which is usually made of titanium. When the implant is inserted, a prosthetic crown is attached to it, and it replaces the actual tooth.

Crowns are also used to support and protect weak natural teeth. Prosthetic crown is a permanent tooth restoration and only a dentist can remove it, if necessary. When a dental implant is placed, the dentist, in consultation with the patient, decides on a schedule of check-up appointments and advices about the further dental care so that the implant serves the patient as long as possible.

Having dental implants inserted is the way to have beautiful smile when the natural teeth are missing. Sometimes extraction is the only solution, and the tooth can not be treated. Implantology allows patients to feel confident about their smile, if they are affected by a teeth loss.

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